Upcoming Meeting Opportunities for SEC CCoP Members!

12 – 14 September:  Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference

Charlotte, NC

Hosted by the Carolinas Integrated Sciences & Assessments (CISA) team, the CCRC is designed to support on-the-ground climate resilience efforts by providing practitioners with an opportunity to share lessons learned and discuss resources and tools for incorporating climate information into their work. Register here.

The SEC CCoP was pleased to provide some travel support to this event!




12, 14, 15 September: National Disaster Preparedness Training Center Courses on Coastal Flood Risk Reduction and Hurricane Awareness

San Juan and Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

 Coastal Flood Risk Reduction course

San Juan, 12 September

Cabo Rojo, 14 September

This course incorporates flood plain management practices, and participants will learn about the traditional structural and nonstructural mitigation approaches to reduce risk, strengthen opportunities, and increase resilience. The course will provide an overview of the flooding risks to coastal built and natural environments, in addition to introducing capabilities (approaches and tools) that can support coastal prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.


Hurricane Awareness course

Cabo Rojo, 15 September

This course provides participants with a basic understanding of the hurricane science, forecasting, warning, and preparedness. Topics that will be covered include: conditions of tropical cyclone formation, prediction of track/intensity, official watch/warning definitions, and recommendations to prepare for associated hazards (e.g., high winds, heavy rain, and storm surge).

Register for these courses here.

The SEC CCoP was pleased to provide some travel support to this event!





23 September: Sea-Level Rise and Flooding: Planning and Law for Local Governments workshop

Jacksonville, FL

This is the first of a series of workshops that Florida Sea Grant is planning around the state of Florida. This workshop will provide a brief overview of sea-level rise and flooding projections; outline key infrastructure and financial challenges; show examples of pro-active local government assessment of vulnerabilities through data collection and analysis; give an overview of financial and regulatory challenges; outline key legal issues and potential responses; present detailed information on recent state law changes; discuss the importance of engaging the public in decision making; and offer attendees a discussion-forum format to interact with presenters. Register here.

The SEC CCoP was pleased to provide some travel support to this event!






2 – 3 November: Prepare, Respond, and Adapt: Is Georgia Climate Ready?

Jekyll Island, GA

This conference is being hosted by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division in order to inform practitioners about hazards and resiliency planning and projects that are occurring in Georgia and or may benefit Georgia. Persons such as public health officials, researchers, GIS users, lawyers, resource managers, local government officials, outreach specialists, economists, NGOs and from the private sector will benefit from the information exchange and networking opportunities available at the conference. Register here.


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