Featured Session: Bridging Climate Resilience and Disaster Planning

Did you know…

Subterranean tidal drains, made of brick culverts, were first installed in the City of Charleston in 1857. 

Each week until the 2017 in-person meeting, we will be featuring a session to share a few more details about the agenda. The session this week is “Bridging Climate Resilience and Disaster Planning.” We will be learning about incorporating disaster recovery into existing long-term planning efforts to increase climate resilience.

Join us for:

  • Learning about the core concepts of disaster (response, mitigation, recovery, and redevelopment) and FEMA’s National Disaster Recovery Framework and Recovery Support Functions.
  • Understanding how your community can include disaster recovery in existing planning efforts, such as climate adaptation and resilience planning, hazard mitigation planning, and comprehensive/land-use planning.
  • Engaging with other communities to share challenges and lessons learned.


Peninsula Tidal Drains.jpg
Tidal Drains on the Charleston Peninsula (Circa 1878). Source: City of Charleston Public Service Department

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