The State of Climate Adaptation in Water Resources Management: Southeastern US and US Caribbean

EcoAdapt Report

From Rachel Gregg with EcoAdapt

The Southeastern United States and U.S. Caribbean is highly vulnerable to a variety of climatic factors and extreme weather events, including heavy downpours, floods, and droughts, all of which can influence water resources in this region. Over the last 30 years, the Southeast has been affected by more billion-dollar weather-related disasters than any other region, with coastal states experiencing more hurricanes, and inland states experiencing ice storms and tornadoes. Decision makers are faced with the challenge of developing and implementing management options to help people prepare for, respond to, and recover from the unavoidable effects of climate change (also known as adaptation). EcoAdapt is pleased to announce the release of The State of Climate Adaptation in Water Resources Management: Southeastern United States and U.S. Caribbean. This synthesis report provides:

  • A summary of key regional climate change impacts and discussion on how the aforementioned issues combine to influence water supply, demand and use, quality, and delivery;
  • The results of a survey sent to federal, tribal, state, and other practitioners to identify challenges, needs, and opportunities for climate-informed water resources management;
  • Examples of adaptation initiatives from the region, focusing on activities in the natural and built environments as they relate to water resources;
  • Eighteen full-length case studies, detailing how adaptation is taking shape; and
  • A guide to the current suite of tools available to support adaptation action in water resources management, planning, and conservation.

The synthesis report, case studies, and tools guide provide useful information on climate change adaptation in the Southeastern United States and U.S. Caribbean for both novice and experienced practitioners within or beyond the region’s borders to apply to their own work. Readers can learn about different types of adaptation strategies, find real-world examples of how others in similar disciplines or regions are incorporating climate change into their work, and locate the people and tools needed to help move their adaptation efforts forward.

Funding for this project was provided by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Curtis & Edith Munson Foundation, and the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE). To learn more about the State of Adaptation Program and this project, visit or contact Rachel M. Gregg at To join the CAKE community and learn more about climate adaptation, visit

EcoAdapt has one goal – creating a robust future in the face of climate change. EcoAdapt provides support, training, and assistance to make conservation, management, and planning less vulnerable and more climate-informed. EcoAdapt was founded by a team of some of the earliest adaptation thinkers and practitioners in the field and continues to lead the field in bridging the gap between climate science and decision-making.

Rachel M. Gregg
Senior Scientist, EcoAdapt
Content Editor, Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange
(206) 226-9186

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